We are a premier luxury event and floral design studio providing a myriad of design services. Our highly skilled designers will partner with you in engineering the perfect atmosphere for your special event, ranging from the largest of gatherings to the most intimate private affair.  We specialize in handling all the intricate details for your event, including artisanal floral arrangements, signature stage designs, custom fabrications, production build outs, and interior or graphic design assistance, for complete event styling. We believe Kismet is destined to executing and maximizing your special event’s potential.

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Cultural Pioneers

We create the event of your dreams by interweaving the aesthetics of modern day sophistication from the west with rich heritage from the east. Our expertise in approaching tradition with innovation has established us as a hallmark of innovative event design. Since 2008, Kismet Events has pioneered the look for contemporary South Asian Weddings.



Owner & Head Event Designer saadia@kismeteventdesign.com


Meet Saadia, founder of Kismet

What inspires you?  Asymmetry, beauty of the unknown? With a natural disposition to the arts and designs, my life serendipitously weaved itself into the colorful carpet that laid the groundwork for Kismet Events.
Building up on my event experiences has given me a rich vault of creative ideas and themes that led me to want to share these moments. With every client I meet with, I intuitively pick up on your personality and idiosyncrasies, as these individual qualities could be reflected in the aesthetic of your event. I enjoy brainstorming ideas with my clients since it leads to a physical manifestation of your dreams. This, I believe, is my job and duty - make your dreams come to life.  


Meet the Kismet team

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Aatika   Event Producer  aatika@kismeteventdesign.com

Aatika Event Producer aatika@kismeteventdesign.com

Amana   Event Producer  amana@kismeteventdesign.com

Amana Event Producer amana@kismeteventdesign.com

Hasan   Event Curator  hasan@kismeteventdesign.com

Hasan Event Curator hasan@kismeteventdesign.com

Isabel   Production Manager / Associate Designer   isabel@kismeteventdesign.com

Isabel Production Manager / Associate Designer


Jennifer   Bookkeeper

Jennifer Bookkeeper

Jewelle   Accountant  accounts@kismeteventdesign.com

Jewelle Accountant accounts@kismeteventdesign.com

Jia   Business Manager  jia@kismeteventdesign.com

Jia Business Manager jia@kismeteventdesign.com

Julio   Warehouse Manager

Julio Warehouse Manager

Michelle   Administrative assistant  hello@kismeteventdesign.com

Michelle Administrative assistant hello@kismeteventdesign.com