Sameena S.

AMAZING. Love these ladies. Thank you so much Amana & Saadia for all your patience through this process, I was out-of-state so they had to work with my parents mostly, and I'm sure that wasn't easy.

They did both my mehndi and wedding events in late April. All 3 of my stages (indoor mehendi, outdoor wedding, and indoor wedding reception) were gorgeous. I'm so thankful they helped talk me through design ideas for the indoor and outdoor stages; everything came together beautifully. They had great suggestions and knew exactly what indian parents want. When Amaana was out of town, Saadia answered all my questions and helped me with a few last minute changes. I felt they both had a lot of experience and great organizational skills.

Flower arrangements were great, and I wish I knew more about florals to give more of my own input on them, but kismet did great on their own.

Amana did a great job with decor for my sister's wedding in 2012 (and wedding planning, but they don't do this anymore) --- I pretty young then so I didn't know much back then. I'm so glad we decided to choose them for my wedding too.

Out of all my vendors, kismet was my favorite, and even my parents agree. Thanks again!